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Last few decades have seen a sharp increase in what might be called the politics of discontent. New political parties on the Far Right have gained electoral victories all over Europe, while the old parties of 20th century have been losing ground. The questions of globalization, immigration and national identity have risen to the foreground of national politics. What kind affects, experiences and thoughts are behind this shift? Why are people so fed up with the way things are?
Increasing amount of interest in social sciences has been dedicated to study people’s emotions that emerge from societal change in last few years. The book Det Svenska missnöjet (Swedish discontent), 2021, by the authors Johanna Lindell and Lisa Pelling generated a lot of discussion in Sweden when it was published last year. Similarly, a study on increasingly distant social “bubbles”, Kahdeksan kuplan Suomi (Finland of eight bubbles), 2022, headed by Anu Kantola, garnered attention in Finland earlier this year.
Kalevi Sorsa Foundation is pleased to invite you to a panel discussion at Tiedekulma - Think corner. The discussion will be in English and led by Kalevi Sorsa Foundation’s project coordinator Anna Rajavuori. The event will be also live streamed and recorded.