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Kesto 1h 30min

In this roundtable, experts on Russian security policy discuss the implications of Russia´s war against Ukraine to European security. This theme will be explored through two guiding ideas. Firstly, was Europe walking in blind to the events leading up to the second invasion of Ukraine in February or were European leaders actively trying to de-escalate the possibility of war when discussing with Putin? Secondly, does Putin´s Russia and the rest of the world live in different realities? Choices Putin has made, calls to question previous understanding of Russian national and security interests. The experts will bring their insights on these themes and other concerns. 


Professor Roy Allison, Oxford University, UK 

Professor Margarita Balmaceda, Seton Hall University, USA 

Deputy Research Director Carolina Vendil Pallin, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Sweden 

Hosted by Professor Tommi Koivula, Finnish National Defence University, Finland