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Inequalities, far from disappearing, remain a key challenge across the globe. This growing inequality has been of great interest to an expanding community of academics who have come together to form a vibrant interdisciplinary research community known as “Inequality Studies.” Collectively, Inequality Studies have emphasized a variety of inequalities from the classical cleavage between global north and south to the ways in which multiple forms of inequality (i.e., economic, environmental, health, social, etc.) intersect with, for example, gender, race, and social class.


While this academic research is important, it has not always been influential in combatting inequalities arising at both local and global scales. There appears to be a gap between academia and real-world attempts to tackle these problems. How can we make use of academic research as we work to fight lived inequalities? What are the possibilities for collaboration?


This panel discussion brings together a group of experienced researchers in the burgeoning multidisciplinary field of Inequality Studies. Our panelists include:

• Professor Mike Savage (LSE, UK)

• Senior Lecturer Monica Lambon-Quayefio (University of Ghana)

• Professor Mikael Holmqvist (Stockholm University, Sweden)

• INEQ Director Meri Kulmala (University of Helsinki, Finland)

• Associate Professor Lina Daouk-Öyry (American University of Beirut, Lebanon; Visiting Researcher at Aalto University, Finland)

• Research Fellow Fath Mubeen (Migration Institute of Finland – Siirtolaisinstituutti)


The panel is moderated by Emma Jelley.